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Pteraspis stensioei

…is an extinct species of jawless fish that lived during the early Devonian period. Like its heterostracan relatives pteraspis was covered in armor plating and protective spines. In-order to swim with all that heavy armor they had a large hypocercal tail to allow them to move in the water, its rostum and streamlined shape made it a pretty good swimmer. It is thought to have fed on plankton and other small invertebrates with sucking mouth parts.



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oh also

this week also sucks cuz my dad had a heart attack at the beginning of it. he had angioplasty and is all fine and everyone’s happy and thanking their gods that he is all right…and i’m just a triggered mess, still totally heartbroken about my shitty dense lost dad after fucking 33 years of trying to work through/forget/smoke away all the shit.

how the hell am is supposed to teach teens when i feel like i’m goddamned 12 years old.

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